How is office cleaning done and how is it disinfected ?

How is office cleaning done and how is it disinfected ? How should detailed office cleaning be ? During the coronavirus period, the importance of performing office cleaning more carefully, meticulously and comprehensively increased. 

Routine weekday cleaning tips for the office environment where we will get up early every morning and spend a whole day should be done by disinfecting them correctly. So, how should office cleaning be done ? How should detailed office cleaning be without getting tired and extra effort ? 

Here are the answers ;

In line with the coronavirus measures experienced all over the world and affecting the whole world, we paid more attention to hygiene in the country. Since we have to go to homes and workplaces, it is necessary to pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene in offices by taking some precautions to reduce the spread of the deadly disease.

He emphasizes the disinfection of public areas, including offices, and the need to take personal precautions in experts. In order to keep your office safe and reduce the risk of the virus spreading, there are tricks you should pay attention to while performing comprehensive cleaning and disinfection.

In order to make a perfect and detailed cleaning, especially the cleaning materials you use and the plan you will make before starting the cleaning are very important. So how is office cleaning done, how is the office disinfected ? You can find all the details about office cleaning in our article.

How To Clean In The Office


In order to provide a healthy working space in the offices, it is of vital importance in the last days without interrupting the general cleaning. In an office where basic hygiene conditions are provided, both the work efficiency of the employees increases and the spread of microorganisms that can cause diseases among the personnel can be prevented to a great extent.

In office cleaning, which should be done in a planned manner, it should be arranged and done outside of working hours, if necessary, at the weekend in order not to distract the staff.

Before starting cleaning, all items on the tables should be collected in order to prevent the loss of important materials, if documents such as files and documents are to be archived, they should be removed to cabinets and unnecessary materials should be discarded. Afterwards, you need to empty the trash and paper waste boxes and disinfect them with an alcohol or bleach-based cleaner.

Then, one of the second actions you will do is to wipe the dust off the tables and cabinets with a clean cloth and go over them again. For this, a cloth moistened with surface cleaner can be used. All tables and cabinets should be well dried to avoid any stain afterwards.

Tips for Office Cleaning

Wiping electronic devices such as computers, photocopy machines, fax machines, telephones with a dry cloth instead of a wet cloth would be healthier in order not to spoil the computers. Another point to be careful about is that all electronic devices should be cleaned while they are turned off, and cleaners that contain harmful substances such as water and chemicals should not be used.

Wipe the doors with a clean detergent cloth. You need to disinfect in detail the areas where many people are in constant contact, such as door handles and coat hangers, which are the most important places when you wipe. Do not forget to clean the drawers in the tables and cabinets while cleaning.

How To Clean Windows In The Office

It's time to clean the windows. Before cleaning the windows, you can remove all of the curtains and wash them in the washing machine at the same time.
You can then wipe all windows with glass cleaners and use a little vinegar to remove germs. This process will always cleanse the glasses from germs and will also make the glasses shine. Also, be sure to wipe the windows with a dry cloth to avoid any stains.

How to clean windows in the office

After doing all these works, it is time to clean the floor. If there are carpets in offices and offices, the first thing you will do is to pull them with a vacuum cleaner. If there is a parquet or concrete floor on the ground, take it with a mop. After the foreign substances on the floor are swept away, water should be prepared, a floor cleaner should be put in it and wiped wet. Since you will wipe it wet, you can use detergents containing bleach. Then do not forget to wipe with rinse water twice. Remember to air the office well so that it dries quickly and the chemical odor from the detergent is gone.

You can use disposable, antibacterial cleaning materials while cleaning common areas. Also, do not leave food items exposed when cleaning common areas such as the kitchen. While cleaning toilets, thoroughly clean all surfaces, including doors, walls, toilet bowls and under sinks, with disinfectants containing bleach or alcohol.