Autumn - Winter Fashion Trends Have Been Announced !

As the year progresses, the newest styles appear. From designer galleries and runways to street style fashion, there are plenty of new looks to try this year. There is something for everyone, from neutral color combinations available everywhere, to countless bright hues. Get ready to see some of these top trends from fashion weeks 2020 - 2021 wherever you go.

Although the corona virus, which has affected the whole world, has also affected fashion shows and the designers are not likely to predict all these, the designs they have created for the 2020-2021 Fall / Winter season took place in different trends creations. Whether it is because of the increase of sustainability awareness, the classics are so valued that their influence on designs extends from the 80s style of the upstream side to the Scottish plaid. But the 2020-2021 Autumn-Winter trends are not limited to these; Street styles created with underwear, color trends in nude shades and arms with extraordinary designs are also in the foreground. Here are autumn / WINTER 2020 - 2021's top 10 fashion trends.


1- Bright Pop Color Suits

Imagine that you are in a bright suit with your friends. These pops of color brighten everyone's day and instantly upgrade your wardrobe. Instead of opting for traditional hues, try your hand out loud like blue or red. Find the shade that best suits your skin tone and rock it whole. Add accessories like a bold clutch bag and a pair of stylish heels. It is a versatile option that allows you to stand out among the crowd.


2. Brown Pu Leather Jacket

Let the freezing weather reign as you rock a brown PU jacket. This faux leather outerwear is a classic and understated option for the colder months, but remains on trend this season. Complete it with a pair of slim trousers or skirts. You can even tie your waist up and combine it with a dress. The perfect shades that you can combine with this product are black, gray or blue. Be prepared to use this stunning option at all times.


3. Natural Tones All Over

It's one of the longest running trends of the past few seasons and continues to be the trend. These monochrome and neutral outfits are easy to combine and look great on anyone. You can complete it by choosing from a sandy turtleneck suit to a boilersuit or leather skirt. Don't be afraid to try different shades of this neutral tone; You can try sand, camel colors. The opportunities are endless and it is a timeless option for anyone's closet.


4. Wide-Leg Trousers Tucked into Boots

Mixing and matching new styles is a great way to discover something new, and that's what this latest trend does. Tucking your straight-leg pants into the boots adds a cool flair to a classic outfit and adds a subtle punk touch to your suit. Opt for the combat over cowboy designs, you can find the perfect fit to match your personality.


5.Blue style with natural tones

One of the season's most prominent color combinations, blue twisted neutral hues are a popular choice. It combines some of the hottest shades of the last few months and brings a magical spin on it. Choose from a stylish brown suit with a bright blue purse. This is a stunning option for everyone, and it's so versatile that you can try out hundreds of different pieces.


6. Yellow Long Coats

Light up even the coldest days in one of these sunny coats. Yellow is a bold and vibrant shade and will definitely grab the attention of few. Flatter the tone in different shades or rock it with a white turtleneck and brown boots. From a trench to a fluffy jacket, there are many ways to get this easy piece to work for you !


7.Cream Plain Boots

You can look amazing with these quirky boots. Sitting just below the knee and creasing with every step, this shoe looks great in the colder months. Whether you prefer a warm cream color or are fond of off-white, you can achieve a stylish look in any outfit. Complete the pale tone with a white T-shirt or button-down button under a jacket. Make them stand out with a black dress and oversized blazer.


8. Tiger Prints

Each season there is a new animal print to envy. This season, there are women waiting in line for the tiger pattern. This fun and fresh print is a great way to spice up a monochrome outfit without going overboard. The combination of black and hot brown will suit the falling temperature perfectly. Add a pair of jeans to the mix and don't be afraid to play with patterned accessories or shoes. Have some fun with this trend; An easy way to freshen up your look.


9.Pop Colored Soft Handbags

There are many designers who have adopted these soft grips, from Bottega Veneta to Miu Miu. Wavy leather is a great option for the colder months, and there are many fun ways to wear it. Choose a bright burst of color among the rest of your group. Try orange between browns and neutrals, yellow between blue or burgundy with white. Keep this accessory under your arm for maximum effect. This is a comfortable and stylish choice for everyone.


10. Hoop Earrings Chain Necklaces

This season, why not add a stylish chain necklace with a pair of stunning rings? These classic jewelry options are timeless in design and work with any type of outfit. Opt for gold or silver for a traditional feel, or add some color to your outfit with a statement piece. Wherever you go, you will want to opt for these earrings !