What Are The Recommendations For White Teeth ?

Teeth whitening is one of the increasing demands on dentists in recent years. In addition to unhealthy nutrition, the deformation in the color of the teeth caused by genetic conditions disrupts the aesthetic smiles. However, the aesthetically important tooth whitening method has become painless with the developing technology. So what are the suggestions for white teeth ? A natural tooth whitening treatment at home ..


Oral and dental care is as important for dental health as healthy eating is for the body. Some foods cause the color of the teeth to fade. As soon as it is born, the teeth, which have a white structure, are deformed over time due to these foods. This deformation lays the groundwork for some problems in terms of both aesthetics and health.

Tartar removal and teeth whitening are often mixed. Tartar is a thick layer that usually forms on the back or inner surface of the teeth. When this is cleaned, the actual surface of the teeth is revealed.

However, the desire to whiten the teeth is caused by the change in color. It is completely aesthetic. Today's technology is quite advanced in this respect. In addition to the painless method applied with gel and laser treatment, there are different options available.

The original color of the tooth is damaged even when it is a baby. The drugs taken cause deterioration in the color of the teeth.

Cleaning between teeth using dental floss after regular brushing is a complementary situation in dental health.

Consuming foods rich in calcium and potassium not only protects bone health but also dental health.

The root of the tooth should not be damaged by consuming hard foods. At the same time, these foods can cause the gums to become infected.

Foods such as bananas and strawberries provide natural tooth brushing. By reducing the number of bacteria in the mouth, they prevent serious diseases from occurring.

Studies have revealed that sugar-free chewing gum positively affects dental health.

By consuming herbal teas, you will not only protect dental health, but also keep teeth white for a long time. Studies have revealed that especially sage prevents plaque formation on teeth.

Homemade drinks should be consumed more. Acidic drinks cause yellowing of tooth enamel.

Visits to the dentist once a month and a dental x-ray should be taken and diseases that progress insidiously can be followed.

Excessively hot and cold drinks can cause teeth to crack.

The most important item is to make them a habit in childhood and precautions are taken against sudden body events during adolescence. Otherwise, crooked teeth increase due to neglect in this period.

How To Do Teeth Whitening At Home

Boil 1 tablespoon of thyme and a tea glass of water in a pot.
After filtering the mixture, dip the toothbrush and brush your teeth three times a day.
The most effective method is olive oil, baking soda and lemon cure, mix a spoonful of olive oil, a spoonful of baking soda, a spoonful of lemon juice.
Brush your teeth twice a day with the paste-like mixture.