How to Make The Easiest Tiramisu ? Practical Tiramisu Recipe


You can prepare the tiramisu dessert, which you often eat in cafes and where coffee and pudding meet, in a practical way at home. The recipe for delicious tiramisu that you can make practically for your guests is in our article. Here is the recipe for the practical tiramisu dessert :

Tiramisu dessert, which has been the most sold by cafes and restaurants in recent years, is among the desserts liked by those who love cafe taste intensely. You can make tiramisu, which is ready on the market shelves, with your own hands. Although tiramisu originated in Italy, it is a universal dessert. It is a type of cake that is very popular and in demand in many countries with different tastes. However, in some countries, it has been reshaped in accordance with the lack of materials or taste. We searched for the original Italian Tiramisu recipe for you. Before starting the recipe, you should know that the original Tiramisu is made with Mascarpone cheese. Tiramisu recipe can also be made with Labne cheese, which is the closest taste to it. Therefore, we will use Labneh cheese in our original recipe. 

The tiramisu dessert, which distinguishes itself from other desserts with its delicious cream, is called "cheer me up" as the word meaning, and it really gives pleasure to those who eat it. So, would you like to prepare tiramisu practically at home ?

If you want the tiramisu cream to be delicious, you need to add labneh cheese 1-2 minutes before closing the bottom of the cream. After adding the labneh cheese to the cream, you can still cook the cream. The labneh cheese solidifies the cream.

After the cream is cooked, whipping it with a mixer while it is hot is very good for smoothness of the cream.

While preparing the tiramisu cake, do not add the other ingredients without whisking until the egg and granulated sugar are foamy and white, because the consistency may deteriorate.

While preparing the tiramisu cake, it is necessary to stick to the ingredient list so that the cake is the desired softness. Otherwise, your cake may dry out excessively or the top part may be cooked and the inside may remain runny.

It is beneficial to add flour and baking powder to the tiramisu cake by sifting it.

One of the tiramisu tricks is that the cream of the tiramisu cake should not be applied before it cools down after it comes out of the oven. If the cream is spread on the cake before the cream or cake has cooled, the heat of the cake will melt the cream and the tiramisu cake may become dough. 



1 package of plain sponge cake

1 three-in-one coffee


For The Custard ;

2.5 glasses of milk

200 g labneh cheese

3 heaping tablespoons of flour

3 heaping tablespoons of granulated sugar

1 packet of vanilla (alert-success)



Start preparing the dessert by making the pudding first. Mix the milk, flour and granulated sugar in a deep saucepan and cook until it boils.

When bubbles form, remove from heat and add vanilla. Let it cool for 15 minutes, then add the labneh cheese and whisk.

Melt the coffee in a glass of hot water. Wet the sponge cake with the coffee water you prepared.

Spread half of the cooled custard on top of 1 sponge cake. Put the other sponge cake on it and pour the remaining pudding on it and spread it well.

Sprinkle the desired amount of cocoa on the top of the dessert and serve it after it has cooled.

Enjoy your meal...