The Most Expensive House in The USA is up for SALE !

 One of the rare luxury houses in the world, the most private house built on a residence was put up for sale in the coming days. Details about the house, which is planned to be put up for sale for 295 million dollars, were given on the internet.

Sales consultants made a statement online for the buyers of the house to sacrifice a fortune of 295 million dollars for this house.

A fortune would be spent owning nearly 10 acres of innovative luxury home at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles' Bel Air neighborhood.

The house, whose sale will be announced completely legally next month, is full of luxury and technology.

Having 21 bedrooms, the house also has 49 bathrooms. The house, which has a 40-person movie theater, also has 2 different swimming pools, a bowling alley and a nightclub.