In What Position can Babies Extract Gas Easily? If the Baby's Gas does not Come Out..

The problem of gas, which can often happen to babies, can cause long crying crises to last if not properly handled by parents. You can soothe your baby by properly gasing the baby to relieve the baby and stop crying. So how to extract gas in babies? Why does it become gas in babies? Here is the trick of gas extraction in 3 minutes...

One of the problems that often occur in newborn babies is gas pains that occur after feeding. When your baby is discharged from the hospital, you are now in control with everything. Not being misled and conscious of baby care will make parents largely comfortable. It is an important issue that parents can keep up with this environment in a completely changing order with the participation of a new member in the house. If there is no problem with your baby's health checks, but he is in crying seizures while at home, especially after feeding, the cause of these crises that seem to be causative may be gas!

As a result of the baby's inability to fully grasp the breast, it is the first factor in seeing gas pains that swallow air or pass the gaseous nutrients consumed by the mother to the baby through milk.

babies gas extraction methods


Mothers should look at whether their babies' nose is clogged before breastfeeding their babies. If the nose is clogged, he will swallow air as he will have difficulty while sucking and return to the baby as this gas.

Therefore, it is important that the baby's nose is obstructed. After breastfeeding your baby properly, take it on your lap and keep the back in the position to face it.

Because the gas will be up Make a opening move several times from the top of the armpit to the side with your fingertips. As a second move, move your fingertips in the back area in the form of a plug and distribute the gas.

In the third move Hit your fingers adjacent from the bottom up the tier tier up.

In the last move Shake your body by pressing slightly from the bottom. If there is still no gas, try to extract gas from top to bottom this time.

what breastfeeding mothers should not eat

Sometimes, even if mothers breastfeed their babies correctly, the foods they consume during the day can pass to the baby through milk and make gas. In order for the baby to not have a gas pain, attention should be paid to nutrition.

Therefore, foods such as legumes, carbonated drinks, cucumbers, plums, tangerines and oranges can cause gas formation. Another important point to note here is whether it should be cold or not. Otherwise, there will be a serious gas shortage in the baby.