How To Put Spoon Fork And Knife On The Table ? Ways To Prepare An Invitation Table..

Ways to prepare an invitation table

The most important issue in a stylish invitation table is to make the spoon fork knife arrangement correctly. If you want to prepare a dazzling table for your guests, especially in dinner, we have explained all the tricks for you one by one.

So, how to decorate the invitation table? How should the cutlery arrangement be on the table? How to put spoon fork and knife on the table? Here are the answers...

We try to spend pleasant times at home with our family and loved ones, sometimes on special days and sometimes on days we want to make it special. For this reason, we usually prefer to come together at dinner tables.

You can make wonderful presentations to your guests with elegant tables equipped with delicious dishes. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of cutlery, cutlery, and accessories while creating order at the invitation tables.

Let's learn together all the things you need to know about fork, spoon and knife arrangement, which is one of the issues that are emphasized even in today's popular food competition programs.


Before preparing the invitation tables, you must first determine a theme. You can choose themes according to the season, or you can give a chance to heavy table styles with gold or silver details. On the other hand, for a fresh look, tables decorated with light tones or invitation tables with dark colors representing nobility can also be preferred.

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In addition to the dinnerware, which is the crown of the table, it is very important to arrange the cutlery correctly.

First of all, you should know how to use separate forks and knives for each meal. Other elements to be considered in the arrangement of cutlery and knives are as follows ;

  • Cutlery and knives should be arranged from outside to inside.
  • The dessert fork is placed right in front of the dinner plate, unlike the dessert plates.
  • Separate glasses for soft drinks and water should be at the dinner table.

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    Knife Arrange
  • Dinner knives should be positioned in the first row on the right side of the plate. The dessert knife should be in the first row at the top of the plate.

  • Fork Arrange
  • The dinner fork should be in the first row on the left side of the plate. The salad fork should be placed right next to the fork and the dessert fork should be placed in the middle row at the top of the plate.

  • Spoon Arrange
  • On the right side of the plate are tablespoons and teaspoons. The tablespoon is in the last row and the teaspoon is in the middle. The dessert spoon is in the last row at the top of the plate.

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