What is Western Clothing Style ? How to Make Cowboy Style ?

 Western clothing style, which influenced the fashion world in the times when cowboy movies were on the rise, made the unique touches of old western clothing felt all over the world. So what is the Western style of clothing? How to make cowboy style? Here is the answer to all the questions you are looking for in the continuation of our news...

The "Western" clothing style, which has its name written in gold letters in the fashion world as the representative of freedom on its own, continues to maintain its popularity in all periods. This unique style, which is also known as the "cowboy" style of clothing in many people's memories, attracts great attention by those who want to use original and authentic pieces together. 

The Western style, which stands out especially in the autumn and spring months, can be explained as the collection of iconic pieces in a single style. If you want to renew your wardrobe with a striking style, I would say make room for Western touches! 

Let's explore the details of Western style together step by step.


Coming from Northern Mexican culture and having a period of shine in America in the 19th century, the Western clothing style emerges as an exquisite style blended with blanket-sized capes, leather jackets, suede pieces, large buckle belts, tassels, boots that end just above the knee, and long skirts. 

The way to accurately reflect the Western style, which is an authentic style, is to be 'balanced'. It is very important not to create a complex and suffocating look in this style, where many star pieces are used together.

western clothing style


When it comes to Western clothing, the first colors that come to mind are brown tones, khaki, blue, cream and soft reds. It is possible to come across aged products frequently in this style, where vibrant colors combined with earth tones come to the fore.

western clothing

It is necessary to embrace bold lines in the Western style, which offers a unique look with the supportive effect of tassel and lace details.

Cowboy clothing style

If you want to dress in Western style, we recommend you to take a look at loose pieces instead of tight clothes. For this, you can combine long shabby dresses with thick buckle belts and make a nice combination with cowboy boots. At the same time, large cowboy hats can help you get a different look.

Cowboy clothing style combinations

You can use denim shirts and jeans in Western style, where denim pieces are also frequently used. At the same time, tasseled suede vests and multiple silver-colored rings will be ideal for this combination.

western style

For Western style, where patterns that symbolize nature are used, you can choose floral-patterned maxi-length skirts. If you wish, you can combine these skirts, which you can use with lace shirts in cream tones or loose sweaters, only with vests.

western skirts

One of the sine qua non of Western style is of course the scarf! If you wish, you can reveal your taste with scarves that you can tie around your neck or to your bag.

Scarf Combination Suggestions

And we've come to the final touch! You can see that Western style accessories are often used in multiple pieces. You can give a chance to dazzling tassel-detailed earrings and thick bracelets, especially in this style, where rings dazzle.

western accessories